Are you considering braces to straighten your or your child’s smile? At OrthodonTEX, we understand the many questions that come along with this important decision and want you to feel confident in your choice to get braces in McKinney and Frisco, TX. Drs. Meason and Dhadli, and the rest of our outstanding team are proudly dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. This means delivering the orthodontic care you need transparently, cost-effectively, and efficiently! So let us start by answering a few common questions about braces in McKinney and Frisco, TX, below.

How Do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

Our self-ligating braces in McKinney and Frisco, TX, are an increasingly popular orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth. Unlike more traditional metal braces, self-ligating braces don’t require rubber bands to hold the wires in place. Instead, they use an advanced slide mechanism. This mechanism reduces friction between the archwire and the bracket, making them more comfortable than other options. Additionally, since there is less friction between the components of self-ligating braces, tooth movement can happen faster—meaning it takes less time to achieve the same spectacular results as other braces!

What Foods Will I Have to Avoid When I Have Braces?

When you get your braces from OrthodonTEX, Drs. Meason and Dhadli will provide detailed instructions about what foods you should and should not have while wearing them. Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid hard foods like nuts and chips as well as sticky or chewy foods like caramel, gummy bears, and gum. It’s also important to refrain from idly chewing on hard items like pens or toothpicks, as this can damage your braces or even dislodge them entirely. But don’t worry—you can still eat plenty of delicious foods, like soft fruits, rice, pasta, tender meat, and fish!

How Do I Care for My Teeth with Braces?

Properly caring for your teeth while wearing braces in McKinney and Frisco, TX, is essential. You should brush thoroughly twice a day and floss at least once daily in general, but especially with braces. It’s also helpful to rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash to help keep your teeth healthy and strong. Additionally, routine dental cleanings and brace check-ups are vital for keeping your braces in good shape.

At What Age Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

We recommended that children see an orthodontist in McKinney and Frisco, TX, no later than age seven—though earlier visits may be necessary if any oral issues present themselves early on. This way, any problems such as overcrowding of teeth, open bite, crossbite, protruding teeth, or other misalignments can be treated early on with minimal effort and cost. However, if it has been over seven years and your child still hasn’t seen an orthodontist, it’s not too late—we will work with them to create the perfect orthodontic care plan for their needs.

What About Retainers?

At OrthodonTEX, we understand that protecting the investment in your beautiful new smile is essential. That’s why we provide customized retainers for every patient after their braces have fully remedied and aligned their teeth. Our retainers are tailored to fit the unique shape of each patient’s mouth and teeth, helping them keep their new smiles looking great for years to come. We recommend wearing your retainers daily for the first few months post-treatment, and then nightly as you see fit to ensure that your teeth stay in perfect alignment.

With regular wear and proper care, our custom-made retainers will ensure that your new smile lasts a lifetime!