Are you interested in using clear aligner therapy to straighten your smile? Our office provides a variety of orthodontic options, and we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our orthodontists to find the best choice for you. Our in-house clear aligners are a cost-effective and convenient option for patients who want to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly.

OrthodonTEX offers custom-made clear aligners that are designed and created completely in-house. Our aligners offer the same efficient treatment plans that other clear aligners offer without having to deal with an outside company or middleman, which leads to more cost-effective treatments. Patients also do not have to wait as long for their aligners to arrive from a lab. As soon as your in-house clear aligners are done, they are ready for you to begin wearing!

When Can I Get My OrthodonTEX Clear Aligners?

One of the main differences (and benefits!) of our in-house clear aligners is that they can be made available to patients faster than other clear aligners. This is because, while it doesn’t take very long to create a clear aligner, shipping them from an off-site lab to our office can take anywhere from one to two weeks. If something happened to the current trays that you were wearing, you could also get a replacement much quicker, and your treatment plan would stay on track. You may be able to get your aligners just a few days after your initial consultation!

Are Clear Aligners Expensive?

At OrthodonTEX, we always want to work within our patient’s unique budgets and help them find the perfect financial plan for their family. Fortunately, our in-house clear aligners are among the more affordable orthodontic treatment options, as there is no outside company to worry about. Our practice offers in-house financing, and we accept FSAs, HSAs, and dental insurance as well. If you have any questions or concerns regarding financing your clear aligners, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly front office team for assistance.

Same-Day Retainers

Every patient who undergoes orthodontic treatment must wear a custom retainer to keep their new smile perfectly in place. Our patients can receive their durable retainers in one day instead of waiting for weeks. We take digital impressions of the teeth (no goopy putty required!), and our 3D Printer creates the 3D model, which is used to fabricate each retainer. If you lose or break your retainer, please see us right away so we can provide you with a new one as quickly as possible!