If you and your teenager have been discussing the possibility of getting clear aligners, Drs. Meason and Dhadli, as well as the rest of our friendly OrthodonTEX team, are available to answer any and all of your questions or concerns!

How The Clear Aligner System Works

Clear aligners may sound like a miracle, but they work using the same basic principles of orthodontics that have been used for decades. Created with a unique, top-notch thermoplastic material, our clear aligners for teens in McKinney and Frisco, TX, apply pressure to your teeth in order to gradually and methodically move them into a straighter position.

During your initial free consultation, our team will examine your teeth, and a thorough 3D digital scan will be taken of your teeth and jaw. Then, with those scans, your series of clear aligners are designed and created with our virtual 3D software and 3D printing technology to fit your unique set of teeth perfectly. As the treatment continues, each set of aligners we provide is slightly different than the last and gradually moves your teeth into their desired position. Then, you’ll be done before you know it!

Benefits Of Clear Aligners For Teens

Today’s teens are more savvy and aware of their dental health than ever before. And our clear aligners for teens in McKinney and Frisco, TX, provide a discreet, effective, and efficient way for teens to achieve and maintain beautiful smiles. Not only are clear aligners practically invisible when worn, but they can also repair a variety of bothersome orthodontic issues with the same efficacy as traditional braces. Some problems can even be corrected faster with our clear aligners!

But the best benefit yet is the ease of the entire clear aligner treatment. Once our experienced orthodontists in McKinney and Frisco, TX—Drs. Meason and Dhadli— create a personalized treatment plan for your teen, your teen will receive their first set of clear aligners. Then, all that’s left to do is wear the aligners as directed and enjoy an improved smile in no time.

How To Properly Care For Your Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are the perfect way to get the smile you have always wanted. However, to ensure a successful experience with your aligners, proper care and maintenance are essential in keeping them clean and effective. Thankfully, taking care of your clear aligners in McKinney and Frisco, TX, is easy when you know the right steps!

First and foremost, it’s essential to remove them when eating or drinking anything other than water. Having food particles remain in your aligners for prolonged periods of time can create a breeding ground for bacteria and lead to cavities. Also, make sure to never leave the aligners out of your mouth for more than a few hours, and if you must, ensure that you store them safely in their container. The longer they’re left out, the more likely they are to be damaged or lost.

Finally, for the best results, brush both your teeth and aligners twice daily with quality toothpaste and rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water before placing them back in your mouth. This can help to remove any built-up plaque, food particles, or other debris that has accumulated on the aligners and ensure your teeth aren’t also dirtying your aligners once you put them back in.