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The top reason that people want to straighten their teeth is normally because they want to improve how their smile looks. In America, perfectly straight teeth are deemed more attractive so that’s the ideal that many strive to reach. While we certainly love when our patients can see and appreciate the beauty in their own smiles, having a straight smile is not only aesthetically and socially beneficial. There are other benefits too!

Motivation to Keep Your Smile Clean

An interesting ripple effect that comes with having a straight smile is that many patients feel more motivated to keep their teeth clean. This might have something to do with the fact that you feel more proud of your smile and you want to take better care of it. Related to this is the fact that straight teeth are actually easier to keep clean. Crooked teeth can make it more difficult to floss in those hard-to-reach areas, which makes them more susceptible to cavities. You’ll likely be inspired to improve your oral hygiene after finishing your orthodontic treatment.

Taking this a step further, it’s important to remember how oral health is directly tied to overall health. When you have better oral hygiene, then there’s less chance of you developing a concern like tooth decay or gum disease, which are connected to other health issues like systemic inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease.

Less Strain on Your Teeth & Surrounding Body

If your bite isn’t aligned properly, it can actually cause abnormal wear and tear of your teeth. Certain teeth may rub against other teeth in a way that causes damage. Additionally, misalignment can result in jaw pain and facial tension that can contribute to pain in your face, neck, and shoulders. Straight teeth provide a foundation for more effective chewing and biting, with less risk for unevenly distributed forces that could negatively affects your enamel and muscles.

A Straighter Smile Can Contribute to a Healthier Body!

Your adult teeth are meant to last us a lifetime so you definitely want to look after them the best you can! At OrthodonTEX, we can help you do so with our comprehensive orthodontic services. If you have any questions about achieving a straighter smile or if you’re ready to schedule your orthodontic consultation at one of our office locations in McKinney or Frisco, TX, please contact us today!