Advanced Orthodontic Technology

In order to best serve our patients, we’ve equipped our orthodontic offices with the most advanced orthodontic technology available. Our experienced, Board Certified orthodontists, Drs. Meason and Dhadli, leverage our digital scanners and 3D imaging to provide detailed images of patients’ teeth and jaws to create customized treatment plans that will best suit their needs. And the state-of-the-art braces and clear aligners that we create with this technology are designed to be comfortable and efficient, reducing treatment times while simultaneously improving results.

So, if you find yourself in need of a first-class orthodontist in McKinney and Frisco, TX, and its surrounding areas—OrthodonTEX and our outstanding team of orthodontic experts are here to help!

Digital X-Ray

Digital Panoramic X-Rays

The use of our panoramic x-ray technology allows us to capture a clear and comprehensive picture of your teeth and jaw. These digital x-rays are crucial while planning your orthodontic treatment and provide us with the information we need to best tailor our services to your oral health needs. Additionally, these scans only take a few minutes, and once we’ve finished, we can instantly view the results on our computer to discuss further details with you about your treatment plan.

3D Digital Impressions

3D Digital Impressions

3D digital impressions have entirely revolutionized the orthodontic industry. Now, instead of having to take a traditional and often uncomfortable impression with putty, we use advanced 3D scanners to capture the exact shape and form of your teeth and jaw! This allows us to provide you with the most accurate, efficient, and affordable orthodontic care available. So regardless of whether you choose Invisalign or our equally effective and impressive in-house clear aligners, you can feel confident that you’re getting a treatment plan that’s tailored directly to your needs.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Our iTero Intraoral Scanners are designed to capture thousands of detailed images and measurements of your teeth and jaws in just minutes to create an in-depth 3D model. Great for all kinds of clear aligners, the iTero technology works seamlessly when creating your personalized Invisalign aligners!

TRIOS Scanner

Much like iTero, our TRIOS scanners capture detailed 3D scans of your teeth and jaw to create the foundation of your personalized clear aligner treatment plan! Also perfect for all types of clear aligners, our TRIOS scanners truly shine when building our 3D-printed, in-house clear aligners.

Smile Preview Software

We don’t just stop after taking the initial 3D scan of your teeth. Once we’ve customized your clear aligners to the 3D model of your teeth, we can also use our fantastic Smile Preview Software to show you step-by-step how your teeth will gradually shift over time—finishing the preview with your fully aligned, post-treatment smile.

3D Printing

3D Printing (SprintRay Pro)

At OrthodonTEX, we have taken our commitment to providing the best orthodontic care in McKinney and Frisco, TX, one step further with the introduction of our in-house 3D printing for clear aligners. Using the jaw-dropping SprintRay Pro technology, we can create your custom clear aligners right here in our office! The days of waiting for your oral scans to be sent off to a lab are long gone, and it has never been easier to get started on your orthodontic journey than right now with Drs. Meason and Dhadli!